Equipping the Frontline for Success Post-COVID


roadmap to two way comms for content landing page


No doubt that when the frontline sees more what they need and less of what they don’t in their manuals and documents, it increases their success on the job – as does real-time communication with operations. Glance over the infographic below designed to quickly show you ways to implement a data-driven approach to document distribution and data collection through a mobile forms app for aviation. Read more


q1 2021 aviation article 15 Obstacles that Prevent Data-Driven Decisions with EFB

Whether you manage an EFB program or work with content, or you work with those that do, you know how much the frontline depends on data. (Especially if you’ve heard feedback about their EFB or documents!) So here’s the main point: Enabling the frontline to understand content updates, quickly find data, and communicate with operations enables pilots and flight attendants to do their jobs in compliance with documentation – and in turn increases operational performance across the airline. Read more

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Shedding Light on Personalized and Targeted Distribution


PDF infographicHere's what happens when you stop authoring & distributing PDF documents

When it comes to personalized and targeted distribution of content, PDF is not enough. Instead of eliminating the problems of paper, PDF comes with its own problems because of large file sizes, the complicated revision process, and functionality similar to paper for frontline operators who need to find information quickly. See how it's possible to eliminate these issues with this #PDFIsNotEnough version of the game "Would You Rather?"


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Should tech pubs care about personalized and targeted distribution?

Despite the issues surrounding document distribution at many airlines, pilots and flight attendants are still getting the data they need to do their jobs. It might make you wonder whether personalized and targeted distribution is really necessary, and if Technical Publication Departments should even care about it. Check out the fun flowchart to answer this question for yourself once and for all.


PTD CLP take 2

is distributing documents harder than it should be?

When the frontline quickly and easily finds data, they can use it  faster – enabling them to manage the situation and not the manual. But a few issues with how content is distributed at many airlines make content harder to find and use than it should be. Read how personalized & targeted distribution solves these issues.




The Path to Always Being Audit Ready

audit ready video pic with play button3 Things You Can Do When You take the path to audit readiness

Being ready for audits saves months of work for many people in your operation who could spend that time on higher value tasks. And as we face the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the more time we have to focus, the more effectively we can respond. Watch the short video, 3 Things You Can Do When You Take the Path to Audit Readiness, to see how you could strategically spend time saved by always being audit ready. 

Infographic - Choose Your Path to Audit Prep

infographic: eliminate months of audit prep

Until recently, many airlines have only used one way to prepare for standards audits: spend months manually tracking and identifying where standards are answered in manuals. But now, there’s a new approach to audit preparation that enables your airline to always be audit ready. See our latest infographic to decide which audit preparation path you’ll choose. Read infographic.


3 signs audits could be easier

3 Signs Audits Could Be Easier

Many airlines have had to slow or stop operations altogether due to COVID-19. But the need for airline audit preparedness continues as airlines are still held to regulatory standards. If you’ve been in aviation for any length of time, you know that collecting compliance is ongoing, and that proving compliance through a regulatory audit is additional work on top of everything else. And when your airline is audited, responding to the request is often a complicated process fraught with struggle and stress – but it doesn’t have to be if you’re always audit-ready. Read more.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Content 

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Conserve Time infographic pngInfographic: Conserve Time. Reuse Content.

One reason operational content management is difficult is the large amount of content that multiple groups in your airline are responsible for creating. And the struggle is more intense if you’re adding AOCs, adding fleets, or expanding to new destinations. Reusing content is an effective way to measurably increase authoring efficiency and gain strategic advantages. Just check out the infographic for the specifics. View infographic.

4 ways to reuse manual content - email4 Ways to Start Reusing Content in 2021

Every new year brings a fresh start, which explains why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. If you haven’t decided on a resolution yet, consider resolving to create manual content more efficiently by reusing content that already exists. As our own nod to getting things done fast, the tips in this article will quickly explain ways you can start reusing content. Read more.


quiz picQuiz: Updating Manuals Harder than it Should Be? 

Find out whether your airline’s use of content is enabling the most efficiency possible and how you’re doing compared to other airlines. Your results will also include actionable ways to maximize authoring efficiency that impact the entire operation. Take the quiz!


The Future of Compliance Improves Operations


4 Tips for Easy, Efficient Employee Compliance-14 Tips for easy, efficient employee compliance

If you're anything like most airlines, compliance is just part of life – one that’s often viewed as just a way to stay out of trouble. But by improving the way you execute your everyday compliance tasks, you can also improve your operations, getting more value from work you’re already doing. Read more


The Secret to Eliminating Audit Prep for Compliant Operational ContentThe Secret to eliminating audit prep for compliant operational content

It’s not a secret: Operational compliance is time and resource consuming. It takes months for the airline and operation to compile data that satisfies a regulator’s request to see where standards are answered in the manuals.

So what’s the “secret” to not just reducing, but eliminating, this drain on your operation? It’s to take a new approach: Instead of preparing for audits when they happen, enable your airline to always be audit-ready. Read more


The approach to COMPLIANCE that improves operations across the airline

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The Approach to Compliance that Improves Operations Across the Airline


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