Equipping the Frontline for Success Post-COVID

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Varying international regulations with tightening borders; keeping up with constantly changing information; and policies from multiple authorities for vaccine delivery, health, and safety: these are challenges airlines have to navigate today during the COVID-19 crisis and tomorrow as the industry looks toward recovery.

Ensuring that both the frontline and operations are equipped to make data-driven decisions is key for maintaining, or even increasing, operational performance in the coming months. Through several use cases, you’ll see how targeted document distribution and two-way communication of data benefit the airline with:

  • Increased understanding of content updates for the frontline
  • Enabling the frontline to quickly find data in their manuals
  • Efficient communication of data from the frontline to operations (in and out of connectivity!)
  • Simplified employee compliance management
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Note: the content of all sessions is the same.

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