EFB End User Experience: How and Why to Improve It

The following article series explains why the overall EFB end user experience matters today - and how you can enhance it by improving data availability. You'll find actionable tips to structure data, optimize data, enable two-way communications, and close the loop with end users through the articles that are posted. Each one builds on the next, so reading them in order will provide the most context. 

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JPG - 4 Ways to Improve Critical Data Availability Through Your EFBImproving Your EFB for End User Experience - Critical Data Availability

The value of an EFB depends on how well it’s built for the end user when they’re facing a critical situation – especially because of the growing need to access actionable data that’s spreading throughout the industry...

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JPG - How to Structure EFB Data with the End User in MindOrganize for Usability: EFB Data Structure

A common challenge that airlines voice to us is that there are so many disparate manuals that their pilots have to learn not only the content but also how to use and navigate the manuals. This isn’t ideal in any situation. And in an emergency situation, poorly structured and difficult to find data can be a serious problem...

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2-way Info Sharing via EFB2-way info sharing via efb

Structuring EFB data with the end user in mind helps them find and act on relevant information more quickly. The same could be said of two-way communication between the Ops Center and end users. It’s possible to not even know that end users need assistance unless you receive real-time information from them...

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Optimizing EFB Data For Improved AvailabilityOptimize EFB data for improved availability

Continuing with our theme of EFB data availability, another way to support end users is to tag content in manuals and other documentation so that it’s easier and quicker to find in specific situations.

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Closing the Loop with an Automated WorkflowClosing the loop with an automated workflow

Keeping manuals up-to-date matters not only for compliance, but also to ensure end users have the latest information about safety, regulations, and policies. But this can be challenging. 


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