Shed Paper, Streamline Ops with Mobile Document Distribution

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Shed Paper, Streamline Ops with Mobile Document Distribution

The rail industry is recognizing that paper rule books, bulletins, operating manuals, and other documents are a drain on operations. A digital approach to documents cuts costs and increases efficiency for conductors, engineers, and your entire organization.

Keolis Commuter Services, operating partner for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) Commuter Rail network, tells the story behind why they're replacing paper with mobile document distribution, and how employees will be able to quickly find and use rules to increase their success on the job. You'll also discover how this approach not only eliminates printing and distribution costs of paper, but increases efficiency, safety, and compliance with:

  • Reliable delivery. Conductors and engineers only receive updated portions of content instead of downloading entire PDFs over weak connectivity.
  • Easier compliance. Executing and tracking employee compliance to document updates is simplified and automated.
  • Searchable content. Conductors and engineers can find rules quickly by searching and filtering entire libraries and individual documents. 
  • Increased social distancing during and after the COVID crisis. Mobile distribution eliminates contact with physical surfaces and people required for dropping off and picking up paper rule books.

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