On-Demand Webinar: Recycle Content for Improved Operational Results

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Author faster and create consistent content with flight operation manual authoring software

Airlines like yours are facing more manual revisions more often, making it more important than ever that authoring processes are fast and easy. The ability to use the same content in multiple places enables airlines to not only streamline authoring, but increase efficiency and safety across the operation.

In this webinar, Senior Global Account Director Ryan Gaus and Product & Content Marketing Manager Helen Shacklett will show you how one, end-to-end content management and distribution system (or flight operation manual authoring software) enables content reuse. You’ll see how your airline can quickly identify changes in interfacing content, create new manuals in minutes, and update manuals with a few clicks – for undeniable benefits:

  • Measurable time savings that increase efficiency across the airline
  • More consistent content across fleets, destinations, and AOCs
  • Faster regulatory approval
  • Improved safety by ensuring frontline operators have the latest updates
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